Fatawa & Certificate of Compliance

UIF is committed to operating our company and offering products utilizing the best practices and standards in our industry. The initial fatawa for our products were produced by Sheikh Yusuf DeLorenzo and Sheikh Nizam Yaquby through Shape Financial Corp. These have been subsequently reviewed by other scholars including Dr. Muhamed Shleibak and Sheikh Muhamed Becic. UIF continues its consultative and audit relationship with Shape Financial Corp. who maintains an active team of Shariah scholars and auditors providing ongoing guidance and support.

Additionally, UIF has established a relationship with the US based advisory group Straightway Ethical Advisory, LLC to serve as our local Shariah Board and assist us with product review/development and periodic audits of the same. The members of the Board are Sheikh Taha Abdul-Basser, Sheikh Ashraf Gomma Ali, Mufti Abdullah Nana and Sheikh Faraz Rabbani. Both groups include experts in Islamic financing ethics, and particularly the standards adopted by the Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

Our fatawa, Imam testimonials and Certificate of Compliance can be viewed below. (click on the document name to view PDF)