Investing in Future Leaders

Imam’s Generational Scholarship

Muslim Communities are growing in the US due to the leadership of our Imams and religious leaders, male and female. This scholarship recognizes the contributions of these individuals and their families to our communities growth.

By supporting the children of our religious leaders, we are strengthening the core of our community and establishing essential relationships between religious and educational institutions in the United States that will create connections for generations to come!

For more information about the program and its eligibility requirements, please contact or visit

Vision: The vision of the Imam’s Generational is to ensure that the children of our religious leaders have equal opportunities for college education and the ability to afford it.

Mission: The Imam’s Generational Fund’s Mission is to provide funding to support college education to the children of Imams to recognize the immense contribution Imams make to our communities.



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UIF Corporation

UIF Corporation is the fastest-growing Islamic Finance provider in the US. UIF was established in 2006 to offer home, commercial, vehicle, and community center financing as well as time deposit accounts.

Sterling Charitable Gift Fund Trust

The Sterling Charitable Gift Fund trust (SCGF) is a 501(c)(3) donor advised fund. The SCGF establishes an account in a donor’s name and allows an immediate tax deduction of a current contribution for future charitable giving.

Amana Mutual Funds

Started in 1986, Amana is the oldest and largest family of funds investing with Islamic Principles in the United States.


The Center for Islam in the Contemporary World (CICW) at Shenandoah University is an academic center engaged in research, teaching, training, and outreach on issues related to Islam and Muslims in contemporary contexts.