Commercial Real Estate Financing

Available in these states:

California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.


UIF offers Faith Based financing for professional offices, multi-family dwellings and retail stores and is available in some states. To maintain Shariah compliance, there is no note or mortgage. Visit our Commercial Financing FAQs to find answers to more Commercial Islamic Finance questions.

The Ijara Method for Commercial Financing

We use the Ijara-wa-Iqtina, “lease-to-own,” method for purchase and replacement financing. This means that if the property is sold before the transaction is settled, the client keeps all of the profit beyond the original agreed-upon purchase price and there is no early lease termination penalty.

Our Shariah depositors provide the money for these transactions, and the profit that is earned from UIF commercial and residential transactions is paid to those depositors.

The maximum transaction is $1,300,000 for commercial real estate. At this time we do not finance development, construction, hotels, gas stations or vacant land.

Islamic and Conventional Commercial Finance Differences

Islamic Financing

  • Twenty-year lease
  • No note
  • No mortgage
  • Escrow for taxes and insurance required

Conventional Financing

  • Five-year term
  • Demand note
  • Mortgage
  • Escrow for taxes and insurance optional

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