Customer Testimonials

96% OF OUR CLOSED CUSTOMERS SAY THEY WILL REFER THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO UIF. We really mean in it when we say “we hand- hold you throughout the process”.  UIF is the best Islamic Financing company in the US today because of our experienced Sales Consultants.  Here are some recent customer comments…


 “Wesam was extremely helpful throughout the process. We were first time home buyers and were uncertain of how things would work. Wesam guided use through the steps. He was quick with his return calls and emails. We had a wonderful experience and will definitely recommend Wesam to family and friends.” – S.A. New Jersey


I have worked with Anwer Mangrio and have been very impressed with his work and professionalism. He delivers on his promise. He makes the transaction seamless. I usually have to be on top of the loan agent to get the deal closed. It was the opposite with Anwer as he was always up to speed on his file and made s
ure we were informed of the status. Thank you Anwer” -Mamdouh Elalamy



“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Maha Ahmad. Maha was my banker for my recent home purchase. During the entire buying process, I was impressed with her drive, knowledge of Islamic financing, and tenaciousness. She worked hard and finished the entire process before time and I am pleased to say that Maha exceeded my expectations. She has unquestioned integrity and I have no hesitation in recommending her highly” – Y.M. Illinois



Alhamdulillah, I was very satisfied with the overall UIF approval process. My sales representative (Br. Anwer) is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I learned a lot from him on how to buy a house through UIF. InshAllah I will recommend UIF to all of my family members and friends for their financing needs. – F.T.



“It was really an amazing experience working with the UIF team. I still don’t believe that they got everything done within 2 weeks. Thank you so much for the effort and great work on my file.  Thank you Nabeel & Dana, for all your hard work and all that you have done in the past 2 weeks … Thanks again for the great job.”

—F.R. Ohio



“Wesam and Sayeeda were instrumental in getting my loan approved in a short time. They were very meticulous in their process ensuring nothing was missed out. Wesam was very patient with my questions and answered with complete professionalism. The entire process was very transparent in terms of expected rate, credits, closing costs etc; sometimes to the last dollar. UIF now has a talking billboard working for them!”  – A.K. New Jersey



I really enjoyed working with Br. Rafeeq Ahmed. He answered all my calls and emails promptly. I loved the fact that most of the paperwork was handled electronically. I would highly recommend UIF based on my experience… 2 thumbs up! Another feedback came from my Realtor who is a Muslim. She worked with many Muslim clients who financed their homes via other Islamic financing companies. She told me that UIF was the best Islamic Financing companies she has seen so far. Other companies gave her clients really hard time unlike UIF who promptly asked for all the necessary docs and provided all the closing docs to the Title Agency.



“UIF offers Islamic financing while maintaining competitiveness against traditional mortgage financing. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.” A.A. Springfield, VA



It was a pleasure working with Wesam to secure my home financing. UIF worked with me closely and provided me with the finances when other institutions refused to even consider my application. Thank you UIF and special thanks go to Wesam Berjaoui. – A.C.



Our UIF representative Brother Ahmed is exceptional. He went out of his way to make sure we receive the best service. He also helped us during closing and was physically present. He followed up after the purchase to make sure we have what we needed.  – K.F.



My experience with Br. Anwer far surpassed my expectations in the amount of insight and communication he provided throughout the entire process. He is a very consummate and knowledgeable person with a professional attitude and great personality. Anwer went above and beyond to explain details and answer all my questions directly and honestly. He gave me excellent and realistic advice which helped me out greatly, since I was a first time home buyer – UIF and Anwer made it easy and manageable. Thanks to Anwer’s support and thoughtful guidance, I was able to purchase a quality home quickly. The entire experience was streamlined and supportive throughout. – O.B.



My husband is Muslim, but I am not. He wished to use shariah compliant financing, but after initiating our home financing with a competitor I was skeptical. We lost confidence in the company after the representative failed to return our calls, and we felt as though they were not completely forthcoming about their product. Our experience with UIF was the COMPLETE opposite. Ahmad Alkahwaji was the first person I spoke with when I called, and he spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me answering all of my questions and concerns. From that moment forward, I was in constant contact with him, and I felt confident and reassured by him at all times. He went above and beyond what was expected of him, often doing some of the legwork that my attorney’s paralegal did not do to ensure that the home purchase went smoothly. Brother Ahmad was extremely respectful. I cannot overemphasize how very pleased I was by his attention to every detail and to how responsive he was to my needs at the latest hour on Fridays and the earliest hours on Mondays!! Finally, I’d like to commend UIF for the professional manner in which the mortgage process is undertaken. Again, having initiated our financing with a competitor, it was refreshing to work within secure online environments for sharing personal information.



Maha is great at what she does.  She knows her company and its products. She is very good at explaining hard things in easy terms.  This was the very first time buying a house for me and she made it very easy for me.  Thank you Maha!! – S.A.



My experience with UIF has been a very satisfying experience that I am willing to share with others. First and foremost, the opportunity UIF is providing to fulfill my need to own a home for my family while staying within the confinements of Sharia’h is a great blessing from Allah SWT. My prayers to Allah swt is to make this program a very successful venture and an easily attainable opportunity for every Muslim family so they may take advantage of it. Secondly, I want commend Anwer Mangrio for his professionalism and very positive customer service which made my personal experience a great one. I always enjoy working with him and feel very comfortable discussing my financial matters with him. Thank you again for the great service you are providing to your customers in general and to your Muslim clientele in particular. JazakAllah Khairan.



I chose UIF based on a recommendation and I will be doing some recommending myself.  The UIF consultant I worked with (Wesam) was patient, diligent, knowledgeable and made all the difference in an otherwise complex home buying process. I will be using UIF for all of my home financing needs and recommend them to my family and friends as well.



We loved working with our Sales Consultant. He was very good and worked very hard to get all the documents and provide us with a very professional closing. I would highly recommend my family and friends to work with UIF.



Excellent work from Omar. I felt like I was a part of the family With UIF. Omer was always there when I needed him. You guys have excellent people working here. I can’t say enough about UIF and Omer. Simply excellent.



Mr. Rafeeq was very helpful in explaining the process and answered all my questions. He was patient with me and maintained a professional attitude throughout. He was quick to respond as well. Overall, the approval process was pretty smooth, Alhamdullillah!!



Omer Mahmood is excellent person to work with, he is very helpful, right on time and delivers on what is asked for. Would love to work with him again in future for any home finance related needs.



It was a pleasure working with Anwer for my home financing transaction. I sincerely appreciate the time he spent reviewing  my application and documents. He provided professional advice and explained the process very well. I especially appreciate his availability even after work hours.



“I really appreciated the personal touch UIF shows to its customers, the fact that you were always available to speak with, and your prompt replies, and professionalism as well. JazakAllah khair  for such a great experience, considering all the hard work that goes into purchasing a home.  I will definitely refer anyone who approaches me, to give UIF a try.”
H.A. New York



All of our expectations were met. Omer worked within our community with others. He took time in the beginning, explained in detail what to expect etc. I am impressed with his follow up on whether I received the documents/emails. Please keep up the good work.



Ahmad always responded promptly when I had a question or concern. His attention to detail was a huge factor in helping this transaction close quickly.



It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Alkahwaji. He was so thorough and patient in explaining the closing process.



I really liked working with Omer Mahmood. He is very helpful and cooperative. Most of the time I get the hold of him for all my questions and queries and if for some reason I did not get the hold of him right away (as he is busy in a meeting or something else), he would get back to me as soon as he can. I really liked working with him and really appreciate all the efforts he put towards my buying process and closing. I highly recommend him to my friends and family members. In fact I already recommend his name to one of my friend. Thanks Omer!



I really appreciate Br Nabeel Shahid’s work on my case, as he was very well experienced and the way he handled my case was awesome. S.M.



As mentioned before, Br. Anwer Mangrio provided us with absolutely brilliant, excellent service and support.



Wesam was very professional in handling the whole process of refinancing our home. UIF made sure that the experience went very smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with Wesam and the UIF team. Thank You!



Anwer Mangrio is an excellent professional, who is very knowledgeable, prompt, detail oriented, responsive and caring person. It is a pleasure work with him. Thanks to Anwer and entire UIF team!



Ahmad Alkahwaji is a very knowledgeable person. This is the 3rd time I have refinanced my house. He is the best. He knows how to tackle all kinds of situations. In  the middle of the process, I was about to give up refinancing. But with his knowledgeable advice I was ableto go forward and successfully complete the refinance. May Allah bless him. I will highly recommend him to my friends for refinancing or home financing.



“I really appreciate Br. Anwer for his superior knowledge and professionalism. My real estate agent, told me what Mr. Anwer was saying is too good to be true. After we closed on my house, my real estate agent highly admired Br. Anwer’s work. A purchase of home is a big process, but he made it very simple. Before I contacted UIF, I was working with a different lender. Process took me more than three months without getting anywhere. Once I contacted Br. Anwer the process of purchasing our home was done within a week. Thank you much Br. Anwer, you are always in our prayers!”


G.A. State of Washington




Mr. Alkahwaji is very professional, trustworthy and treats his clients very respectful.



Mr. Wessam Berjaoui was the best person to work with. He was 100% accurate with all the figures. He was so helpful. We closed on time. Thanks Wessam.



Excellent service. Br. Omer works for his client. He also followed up after the closing to resolve some tax issues that came up with the closing company. We are very happy and satisfied with UIF.



Our sales consultant is a very nice person that helped me in every way possible. He made himself available even after hours in answering questions. He was indeed a busy man but never made it appear so and never made me rush.



Anwar was there for us the entire time. Very helpful, honest and skillful. I enjoyed working with him.